Becky Benz, Loan Officer

Becky Benz found her passion in real estate and mortgage lending in the early 1990’s when she worked for a local bank on Bainbridge Island. After leaving home a few years ago, she’s returned in full-force to the mortgage business by joining Bainbridge Lending Group, the island’s only locally owned mortgage broker.

Becky grew up on Bainbridge in the Port Madison area, moving to the island when she was just 8-months old.  She graduated from Bainbridge High School and began her banking career after earning her degree in Business Administration from Washington State University. While in banking, her interest in real estate and mortgage financing grew and she became the bank’s key mortgage professional.

Her success and growth in home financing prompted her to move to Puget Sound Mortgage and Escrow. Becky was attracted by the mortgage firm’s ability to “broker” mortgage loans to several different lenders. This freedom and experience fostered Becky’s advance to become one of Bainbridge Island’s most prolific and trusted mortgage financing professionals. 

Brokers, Becky knew, were able to “shop” a loan among many different lenders while the national banks based on Bainbridge were mostly limited to the few loans in their own programs. Becky liked saving her customers money and as a mortgage broker, she was able to secure better loans from her customers and provide better service than they would have gotten from a big bank.

Throughout the years she has prospered as one of Bainbridge’s most reliable loan officers and top producing professionals, with the majority of her business coming from word-of-mouth referrals from top real estate professionals and other clients.  She is well known for her steadfast integrity and tenacious work ethic, which explains why her clients come back to her, sometimes many years after their last transaction. Local Realtors know her for her reliability and knowledge, which is why she is often recommended as their top choice and why so many local real estate agents have entrusted their own personal home financing business with Becky.

Becky also brings a unique perspective to the mortgage business, having worked as a licensed real estate broker.  She still holds her broker’s license from the few years she spilt her travels between Arizona and Bainbridge. That deep understanding of all sides of a real estate transaction is highly valued by homebuyers and Realtors. Now that she’s returned to Bainbridge Lending Group, she especially appreciates her renewed ability to broker loans and “shop” to find her clients the best loans for their situation.

Becky has two sons, both Bainbridge High School graduates, now living in New York City, giving her a great excuse to visit them and enjoy the area. But it’s her enthusiasm to work and live on Bainbridge that is completely unbridled. “This is my community, and I enjoy seeing my clients out and about,” she says, adding, “I truly enjoy catching up on their family news. After all, we’re neighbors.” 

Becky Benz
Loan Officer
NMLS# 670846

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Fax: 206-842-3358
Cell Phone: 206-866-8386
Toll Free Phone: 877-755-6636
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